Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fill it in!

maybe I should: be cleaning the house.

I love: dates with my husband

people would say that I’m short. very short.

I don’t understand why: bad things happen to good people. and why anyone would want to abort their baby.

when I wake up in the morning: I want to go back to sleep. Or drink coffee. lots of it.

I lost: my passport once. yuck.

my life is full of : Babies and Love.

my past is full of : testimonies of God's grace!

parties are even better with: junk food and hot tubs.

I wish I had more time : to make crafts.

dogs are: nice when they're small and clean!

cats are : only cute when they're kittens.

tomorrow I’m : helping my mom with the babies.

I have low tolerance for : people who gossip or are just downright rude.

I’m totally terrified of: people I love the most dying too soon. and birds.

never in my life have I : done drugs or smoked.

high school was: a blur.

when I’m nervous I : sweat and shake.

take my advice: live each day to the fullest. do something out of your comfort zone. travel the world.

making my bed : is more fun now that I have my own house and cute bedding.

I’m almost always : spending time with my husband! :)

I’m addicted to : chocolate and facebook.

I want someone to : read this.

~The Happy.Little.Houswife.~

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