Thursday, September 8, 2011

An interview with my hubby.

~An interview with my hubby~

Me: Hi Honey, you’re so cute! Thanks for taking time to do this with me! Okay, so let’s get started.

Me: What is your favorite meal that I cook?

Chris: My favorite meal that you cook is Tacos because I know how much you love Mexican food and it reminds me of Mexico and that is where we met…and it’s really good!

Me: aw what a cute answer, this is going good so far! Next question: What is your biggest pet peeve that I do? (I’m scared!)

Chris: When you do laundry and forget that you still have a load in the dryer and it sits there for 2 days. I especially hate it when you also leave a load in the washer. Now we get to re-wash mildew smelling clothes and de-wrinkle the stuff in the dryer. Thank you for our wonderfully low energy bill.

Me: Oh honey, why didn’t you pick something a little less revealing of my shortcomings? haha! Okay, moving on---question #3: What is the most fun aspect of being married?

Chris: I wouldn’t consider this necessarily to be “fun” or “funny,” but I love the fact that we are almost always on the same page because it makes our sense of humor funnier to us, and it helps with understanding each other’s hearts.

Me: In your opinion, what is the hardest part about marriage?

Chris: I think the hardest part about marriage is knowing that I fail at things that you need or want. It’s difficult when I can’t provide or emotionally supply the desires of your heart 100% of the time. As a man it brings up feelings such as, “Am I a good husband…” I want to be the best that I can be for you but my flaws and inabilities prevent me sometimes.

Me: What is your favorite memory of our first year of marriage so far?

Chris: The time when we were driving over the skyway bridge and we were going to Clearwater beach…we were blasting country music and it was just a good, good day.

Me: If you could give our marriage a song, what would it be?

Chris: “Whoop there it is”

Me: no comment.

Me: What’s your favorite thing about me?

Chris: I love the fact that there’s something that happens to me when you put your arms around me or just look at me that always makes me melt. It doesn’t matter if I hate you in that moment or love you to death.

Me: Aww shucks. Thanks sweetheart! Okay so, what is the best way a wife can encourage her husband?

Chris: well, there’s different ways that you can encourage your husband and that is usually specific to the man that you’re married to. But for me, it’s being noticed that I’m upset about something even when I’m not showing it. For instance, sometimes I just need a hug but I may not show it or even realize that I need one. It’s when I receive a hug or an encouraging comment or simply just being noticed that I’m upset at a time that is most critical for my heart.

Me: What motivates a husband to do romantic things for his wife?

Chris: Realistically being nagged to a certain degree helps but too much nagging will create ignorance. So there’s balance with that. A man has to repeatedly be reminded of what his wife’s heart wants. We forget. Communication is very important in this area because if the wife doesn’t get what she wants, insecurities and concerns about not being a good enough wife and needs that aren’t met start to arise and create a hindrance on the marriage. There is cyclical approach to romanticism. If the man is being romanced, he will desire to romance his wife and vice versa. So if you want to ask what motivates a husband to do romantic things for you, it’s YOU.

Me: What is one thing a wife should avoid saying to her husband?

Chris: Husbands don’t always have the right approach to things so it’s important to understand the motives behind everything they do before making an assumption of what they’re doing because the end result will most likely be different than what you are envisioning in your head. It’s important to not discourage your husband with negative words or hateful comments. Your husband will usually react in a negative way to specific words that he doesn’t take very well.

Me: Is leaving the cap off the toothpaste really a marriage issue like everyone talks about?

Chris: Of course it is! The reason is because God usually puts two people with extreme differences together so each individual can be pruned and balanced in certain areas. One person is usually not going to care about the toothpaste and the other will. It teaches patience for one person and how to be more organized and clean for the other. All in all, put your toothpaste up and you won’t have a problem!

Me: I am definitely the person that leaves the toothpaste cap off. Haha! What is your ideal relaxing evening with me?

Chris: My ideal relaxing evening is to make s’mores in front of a fire and swim in the pool until we’re pruny. Then you would give me a back massage.

Me: Lol way to sneak that one in there, honey ;) Here’s a fun one---if you could take us on vacation ANYWHERE in the world where would you take us and why?

Chris: I would probably take you to Hawaii because I know how badly you’ve always wanted to go there and we love tropical places.

Me: Where do you see us in 10 years?

Chris: Married (obviously), with 4 children and a successful business and we will have traveled the world together.

Me: One last question: What’s THE best marriage advice you can give for couples out there?

Chris: This is a two part answer. Number one, spend as much time together as possible because you learn absolutely everything you can about each other. Part two is to get past the “tit for tat,” “he said, she said,” “you did, I did” thinking and comments in a disagreement and to get to the bottom line. Feelings are hurt if you don’t get to the bottom of things as quickly as possible, so it is important to figure out what the root of the problem is, create a healthy solution with equal compromise if needed and forgive whatever needs to be forgiven.

Me: Yay! Thank you for your time, honey! This was fun and we should definitely do this again with me in the hot seat next time!!! ;)


The happy little housewife

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    I am guilty of the laundry issue as well, but mostly leaving stuff in the dryer or having a hamper full of wrinkled clean clothes.
    Also, we solved the toothpaste dilemma by buying one with a flip top cap. :-)
    So happy for you two. I love when couples enjoy their marriage and celebrate the good AND the challenging! Hope you can visit California soon!