Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Babies, Teens, and showers.

This week Chris and I are the proud parents of all four of my siblings as my parents are on a cruise!
Yes, you heard me--two 2 year olds and two teenagers! What fun! :) I'm excited to build deeper, lasting relationships with all four of them, but whew--we will be busy! :)
On top of that, I'm hosting a huge bridal shower for the lovely bride to be, Rachel Trumble! I'm getting butterflies about that and just pray it all comes together!
This week gives me a real life look into the lives of full time mommas! Being a stay at home Momma is my dream job and this is giving me a great idea of what to expect! I worry that I'll be able to juggle it all but I know God's GRACE is enough! :)
I want to give a huge shout out to my amazing husband, Chris--he has jumped right into helping me and has such a servant's heart! I have such a deeper appreciate for single Moms, because wow--I could not do it without his help!!!
That's all for now---mommy duties call! :) Oh and just a question--why do babies wait until right after you change them to do a poopy?! It's like they know what they're doing and just want to watch you freak out! hahaha love it!
~Jessica Renee Gunn~

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