Saturday, June 11, 2011

28 dresses.

Once upon a time, I watched one of my favorite chick flicks ever, "27 dresses". After falling in love with the concept of being in so many weddings, I excitedly told my husband that I would love to beat Katherine Heigl and get 28 dresses. He rolled his eyes and told me that I was cute and that was that.
Well, Be careful what you wish for because just two weeks later I was asked to be in not one, not two, but THREE weddings...not to mention all were in the month of May. I was extremely excited and honored and quickly dove into "wedding mode". Three wedding showers. Three Bachelorette parties. Three bridesmaids dresses. You get my drift :)
The month of May was like one giant wedding! Hah! I had a blast even though it was quite exhausting. My heart was bursting with JOY for all three of my friends. How beautiful to watch their love stories unfold and see them drive away into their new lives with their husbands! I love love love weddings because each one is beautiful in it's own unique way. Each one tells a story of how two people met and fell in love...that never gets old :)
So, congrats to my beautiful friends, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Hutchins, and Mrs. Accola! Thank you for giving me the honor of standing beside you on the most important day of your life! :) And now for my faithful readers (lol anybody out there?) here are few pictures for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Yes, I read I read! I am out here! Alive!

  2. You've been watching too much LOST. hahaha so dramatic!