Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi all :)
I'm back...wow, apparently I really stink at this whole "regularly blogging" thing. haha! Special thanks to Emily B. for holding me accountable! hah!

Life is so wonderful and I'm enjoying every moment! Here are a few random thoughts to "quench your thirst"....I have a long blog entry to write tomorrow but I am currently way too exhausted to write it (did a swimming workout..aka: death!)

-Saturday night, we had the honor of watching some very dear friends of ours arrive at the airport from Ethiopia with their new baby boy....there are no words! I was a big puddle of tears (happy ones of course!) and my heart was (is) bursting with anticipation for when it's OUR turn!!!! :)

-We are starting to plan our 1 year anniversary trip! So exciting and so crazy that it's going on one year already! Seriously!? :) We're trusting for all of the finances we need to make our trip a special one!

-I have successfully worked out THREE times in one week which is a huge deal for me! Lol Gotta celebrate the little victories, right?!

--I've been having baby fever lately! There. I said it! :P It's probably because I "torture" myself with all of these amazing, sweet adoption blogs daily and it just awakens that inside of my heart more & more. We are not ready for kiddos quite yet, just enjoying "us" time :) One day....

-With help from my incredible husband, I now have a HUGE coupon binder completely stuffed full of coupons..all organized by categories!! Can I get an amen?! We put about 30 hours into it but now that it's done, it will be well worth it! :D

Okay, that's all for now!!! :) Please comment or better yet, follow my blog to encourage me to keep this up!!!
Love you all!
Jessica Renee


  1. i'm following your blog =) there, now you have to post lots and lots!

  2. I'm following too! Love hearing about what God is stirring in your heart :))